A Properly Applied Deck Stain Is Key To A Lasting Deck!

Pressure Wash Deck "Before"
Pressure Wash Deck "After"

Before applying any new coatings we always pressure wash all surfaces to help clean and prepare the surface for the new finishes we will be using.  This is the most crucial step in achieving a lasting finish.  Decks take on the harshest of elements that mother nature can produce, therefore decks need constant maintenance and require reapplication more frequently than most other coatings.  In this article I am specifically speaking about decks but the finished remain the same for fences, wood siding or furniture items needing to be stained

Semi-Transparent Stain on Wood Fence in New Smyrna Beach

Applying a deck coating is a great way to lengthen the life of your wood deck.  You can really upgrade outdoor living spaces by adding color and protection.  You have four basic choices when it comes to finishes for your wood deck.  

House Staining Project New Smyrna Beach

Option #1     Water Repellant

Clear Water Repellant Deck Finish Ormond Beach

A Clear Water Repellant is the least expensive method to finish your wood deck.  Very often a clear water repellent goes on milky and dries to a clear finish hardly noticable once the material dries.  Even a good quality Water Sealer should be reapplied annually for optimal results. 

Option #2 Semi Transparent Deck Stain

Semi Transparent Deck Stain New Smyrna Beach

Semi Transparent Stain offers you the ability to enhance the color of your deck without blanking out the natural grain and beauty in each individual piece of lumber.  Semi transparent stains are dificult to work with for many beginners.  You must be careful of overlapping as areas with addittional coats will flash and look darker in some instances.  A good quality semi transparent stain should be reapplied every third year for optimum performance.

Option #3 Solid Stain

New Smyrna Beach Deck Staining Using a "Solid Stain"

Solid Stains are the best for older decks in need of a complete refinish.  A solid stain looks like a painted finish and does a great job of hiding newer boards from older weathered boards.  Solid Stains also do a much better job of hiding overlapping marks.  Even a good quality solid color stain should be reinstalled every 5 years to effectively protect your deck.

Textured Deck Coating Daytona Beach

Option #4 Textured Deck Coating

Textured Deck Coatings are the newest innovation in deck protection.  They provide an incredibly durable non slip finish.  This is a great solution for small porches or steps.  I do not recommned this on large areas.  This product not only keeps you from slipping but it requires constant cleaning.  Pet hair and just about everything else get lodged down in every nook and cranny.  A great innovation with maximum protection but just gets dirts so fast!

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