Exterior Painting By The Pro's

iREPAINT follows a proven system when it comes to exterior painting.  Our proven system ensures a durable and lasting finish that looks great.  You can rest assured that you have chosen to do business with professionals when you hire iREPAINT to paint your house.  The proof is in our system and years of happy homeowners that have chosen us to complete their paint job.  

First, we prepare the site by digging out the perimeter of your home so we can paint below the frost line and seal below grade.  We then trim back shrubs to clear the work area.  

Powerwashing Job Before / After Port Orange
Scraping Paint New Smyrna Beach

Preparation is the key to a lasting Exterior Painting Project!

Then we clean all areas to be painted with a thorough pressure washing.  This removes mold, mildew, algae, sun burned or chalky residues and many other surface contaminates.  After water blasting we scrape loose and flaking paint to a firmly bonded edge.

A very important step to a lasting job is to ensure proper priming.  Occasionally a exterior job will require a full primer coat.  It is far more likely that exterior jobs only require spot priming.  Bare surfaces, rust spots or stains; each item usually requires a specific specialty primer.  iREPAINT does not skimp or skip this step to ensure a high quality and long lasting finish.

Caulking Cracks In Stucco Port Orange
Elastomeric Patch on Stucco Cracks Deland

Cracks, holes, dings or other surface imperfections are patched with an appropriate filler.  This is usually wood filler on wood surfaces, textured elastomeric compound for hairline cracks in stucco, concrete stucco patch for holes in concrete/stucco. 

Caulking Hardi Board New Smyrna Beach

Then we check openings and trim items for loose or missing caulk to remove loose or decayed caulking.  We then replace wherever caulk is missing with elastomeric grade caulk.  

Now we are ready to protect adjacent surfaces that are not getting painted.  We mask off these items and we're ready for paint.  In most cases 100% Acrylic house paints are the best solution for your home or business.  iREPAINT pro's use a combination of spraying and backrolling to ensure a good even coat of paint.  We are craftsmen with the knowledge and experience to use brushes, rollers and a variety of spray equipment.

Spray Painting Port Orange
Spray and Backroll Daytona

We Paint Volusia County

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