Caulk Gives You A Professional Looking Finish

Interior Trim items require special skills to give a quality finish.  Caulk and spackle must be applied to achieve a seamless finish.  Doorframes, Wood Baseboards, Chair Rails and Wood Crown Molding all need holes filled and the gaps between surfaces to be sealed.  See the pictures below for better views of new trim items needing prep work.  

Nail Holes To Be Filled
Caulk The Gaps At The Ceiling and Wall

A professional painter must be a craftsman with a caulk gun.  Caulking  and spackling very often makes the difference between a quality job and a hack job.  iREPAINT excells at interior caulking and filling nail holes on wood trim items.  We use Acrylic caulking on interior projects and lightweight vinyl spackling to fill the nail holes on interior painting projects.  

Prepped Trim Before Sanding
Wood Trim Ready For Paint

When we spackle/putty nail holes, we mound up our spackling.  I have found that flush filling nail holes leaves a divot or a dimple because of material shrinkage.  When you put a shiny paint over the dimpled nail holes they become very noticeable.  Mounding up our spackling requires extra sanding and many painters will try to skip the sanding work.  The proper prep process requires sanding to remove burs in the wood and level out the dried spackling.  Unless we are trying to keep dust to an absolute minimum we mound up spackling and take the extra time required to do a professional job.

Spray Painting with a 211 fine finish tip!

Caulk is used to create a seamless finish between two surfaces.  All hairline gaps need to be caulked.  Caulking helps to adhere the trim to the wall and ceiling and using a wet rag or sponge we can achieve a completely smooth transition.  In this case we see crown molding that has been caulked and spackled.  Once all of the trim has been prepped out and sanded to a smooth surface we are ready to paint.  In this case our wood was factory primed so two full coats of Semi-Gloss Enamel will be applied.  In the picture above we are spraying the crown molding and using a spray shield to protect the ceiling.  Because we did not skimp on the prep work our crown molding turned out spectacular.  

"The Paint looks awesome at the Malibu Condo project in New Smyrna Beach.  You Guys do the best Work"  Miller Carpentry 

New SmyrnBeach Painting at Malibu Condo South Atlantic Avenue
See The Painted Trim Shine

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