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New Smyrna Shopping Center Before Blue Roof Painting
New Smyrna Shopping Center After Blue Roof Painting

Hiring a professional painting contractor is easier than most people believe. Many horror stories have been told about painters and their lack of professionalism.  These problems are avoidable!  I have over 25 years experience painting houses and commercial buildings.  iREPAINT began in New Smyrna Beach painting houses in 2003 and today we service all of Volusia County.  We are a independently owned business specializing in top notch craftsmanship for those who understand value over price.  

Why you should look for value over price?  Many consumers are not sure what things to consider when choosing the right painting contractor.  Often low price is the main factor considered when choosing a painter, but what other things need to be considered?

When you are in need of a professional painting contractor you must look for certain clues to help you in your decision making process.  Often quotes given by shoddy craftsman stand out because they don't abide by local rules and regulations. Unlicensed and uninsured they put their customers in harms way.  It is essential that a professional business has a license and insurance to conduct business in an honest, safe and ethical fashion.  iREPAINT values our clients and protects them, their homes and belongings by carrying the required licenses and insurences.  

Knowledge and experience require patience and practice.  We have 25 years of experience applying paints and coatings.  I have been painting and managing painting projects for more than half of my life and I intend on continuing to provide the best quality and service in Volusia County for many more.  I urge you to call me to schedule your free estimate today.




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Services We Offer

Pressure Washing, Power Washing or Water blasting;  We have the experience and knowledge to pressure wash any surface you desire.  We always use a soap and chlorine mixture to remove and kill mold, mildew and algae.  We also will perform Hydro Scrubbing to you driveway, patios and walkways.  We have extensive experience in chemical roof cleaning.

"I trusted the irepaint team to pressure wash my commercial building and hydro scub the parking lot, what a remarkable difference.  I cant believe you were able to remove all of the rust stains from my well water, Thanks again for your help"  Port Orange Pressure Washing Job

Exterior Painting;  Your homes first barrier of defense against mother nature is a quality paint job.  Therefore it is the painters job to ensure your coating has the correct thickness to withstand the elements and be free from unsightly blemishes.  From 100% Acrylic Paint to elastomeric waterproofing.  We know how to do it all!

"My house was in desperate need of a professional paint job and I was afraid of using ladders, boy was I glad I called irepaint.  They let me know how important preparation is and now my house looks awsome.  Fair, honest and  knowledgable irepaint is truly the best."  New Smyrna Beach Exterior Paint Job

Interior Painting;  We apply our paint to achieve beautiful finishes.  A freshly painted room can change the entire character of your home.  Choosing the right paint is easy for a seasoned pro, knowing when to use alkyd based paints or latex paints can be confusing and lead to coating failures.  Irepaint professionals never skip steps to ensure a lasting finish.

"I have painted every room in my other homes, but the 12' tall ceilings in my new condo scared me.  I called irepaint and was impressed by their attention to detail and how efficciently the worked.  I was crazy to do all my other painting, now I know why you hire a pro!"  Ormond Beach Interior Paint Job

Deck Staining;  As painting professionals we have extensive experience in staining wood docks, wood decks, wood fences, wood siding and all other wood surfaces.  You choose if you want a solid stain, a semi-transparent stain or a basic clear wood sealer.  We even can treat your more exotic woods like teak or ipe'.

"I hired irepaint  to pressure wash  and stain my 8' tall privacy fence.  The transformation to my back yard was remarkable!  I will definitely use them on my next painting project"  New Smyrna Beach Wood Fence Stain Job 

Roof coatings; we have extensive experience in both painting roofs for aesthetics and applying elastomeric roof systems for older, troubled or leaking roofs.  We are on the cutting edge of this industry and have applied many different fluid applied roofing systems from Kool Seal, Karnak, Sikaflex, Tropical Coatings and Johns Manville.

"After using irepaint to paint my house it was a no brainer to use them to apply the elastomeric roof coating on my businesses troubled metal roof.  They knew exactly how to do the job and stopped the leak that had been troubling me for years.  Thanks for your great service."  Port Orange Elastomeric Roof Coating Job

Sheetrock repairs; we can remove and replace loose drywall tape, Orange Peel texture Patches, knock down texture repairs and splatter texture repairs.

"My porch had drywall tape falling from the seams.  Irepaint came out and removed the tape, repaired the ceilings and matched the knock down finish just in time for my family reuinion.  It was a pleasure doing business with irepaint!"  Deland Drywall Repair Job

Gutter Cleaning; if you need to have your gutters cleaned out our pro's are trained on ladder safety and can knock this task off the "Honey Do" list.  

"I was so happy to find out iREPAINT also cleans out gutters.  I was afraid my 68 year old father was going to get up on a ladder to do it himself"  Port Orange Gutter Cleaning job

Grass Painting; when you need your lawn to look great fast the only thing to do is use a specialty paint to green up your yard and make it look healthy.  This is a great solution for golf courses or houses in need of a quick sale.  

"My grass was dead and my open house was days away.  Irepaint offered the only solution and boy did my lawn look great for its big showing.  I am lucky to have found these guys!"  New Smyrna Beach Grass Painting Job

Specialty Caulking; we have experience with solvent based caulking or urethane caulks.

"This is the most durable caulking I have ever seen and it looks great.  I am glad you recommended using the urethane caulk."  Port Orange Expansion Joint Caulking Job

Cabinet Staining  and Cabinet Painting;  We use HVLP fine finish spray equipment to give you a beautiful and durable finish for both old and new cabinets.

"I loved my new home but hated the old cabinets.  I thought I was going to have to replace them but the guys at irepaint assured me they could be stripped of the plastic veneer and painted.  Wow you saved me a ton of money and my cabinets look great!"  New Smyrna Beach Cabinet Painting Job

Wallpaper removal; we have the experience and ability to strip wallpaper, vinyl wall coverings, fabric wallcovering and Grass cloth.

"I remember struggling to remove the wallpaper without damaging the walls and that's when I decided to call irepaint.  You made it look so easy and the finish paint looks fantastic!"  Ormond Beach Wallpaper Removal Job

Garage Floor Coatingspreparation is the key to a lasting garage floor coating.  We often acid etch and mechanically abrade floors for a lasting finish.

"My epoxy painted garage floor looks like a sheet of glass and its unbelievably durable!"  New Smyrna Beach Garage Floor Coating  Job

Driveway Coatings;  Staining a driveway is a great way to freshen up your homes curb appeal and add a layer of protection to  your driveway.  

"My driveway was beginning to show signs of age and I wanted to do something to add some protection.  I trusted irepaint to clean, patch the cracks and apply a coating to my driveway.  Boy I am glad I called because I learned that not all coatings can withstand hot tire traffic.  Irepaint saved me from hiring someone to do the job the wrong way! Thanks again."  New Smyrna Beach Driveway Coating  Job

We have the skills, knowledge and experience to paint any surface!

We are Volusia County's Finest Painting Contractor.

Call 386-416-8861 For Your Free Estimate.

Portfolio has a portfolio that we are proud to tout. We have 25 years of experience and a wide range of services.
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