Painting Light Poles, Like The Pros!

Port Orange Painting Metal Light Poles
New Smyrna Beach Painting Concrete Light Pole

Painting light poles is an exterior maintenance item that iREPAINT has extensive experience in performing for our customers.  Most often we see two different types of light pole.  Residential dvelopments usually have decorative metal light poles and most often we see concrete light poles at commercial locations.  Each type of light pole requires a different set of procedures.  

Concrete light poles are best to be pressure washed with a chlorine/detergent mix.  Loose and flaking paint should be scraped to remove the old coating.  We always spot prime bare surfaces or other stains on existing coating then all surface cracks are filled with caulking or elastomeric patch.  Concrete poles are often hold up fine when finishes with architectural coatings.  A good quality 100% acrylic satin paint is preferred.

Wire Wheel Grinding Light Globe
Wire Wheel Grinding Pole Base

Painting Light Poles, Metal, Aluminum or Steel!

Painting Metal light poles requires additional effort because they show more signs of decay.  Rust is the most formidable of enemies when it comes to preparaing metal surfaces.  As with most paint projects prep work is the key to a long lasting and durable paint finish.  First we wipe the poles down with a solvent to remove cobwebs, dirt and grease.  A good thorough sand with 80 grit sandpaper helps us to etch the substrate (surface) and pinpoint areas in need of mechanical abrading.  Wherever we find deteriorated coatings or rust, we use an angle grinder with a braided wire wheel.  This grinding brings the surfaces back to "white" or bare metal.  

Grinded to White/Bare Metal Light Globe
Ginded to White/Bare Metal Light Pole

Once the light poles have been properly cleaned, sanded and ground down to bare white metal we are ready to apply a primer coat of Industrial Grade Epoxy.  This epoxy primer is the best material for adhesion and corrosion protection on bare metal surfaces.  These light poles will be in full sunlight nearly all of the time and epoxy is not an adequate top coat in this scenario.  

Epoxy Primer on Light Poles
Epoxy Primer on Light Poles

Our finish coat will be an Industrial Strength Urethane Paint.  This type of coating gives the pole the best durability a painted on finish can with the highest color retention of any type of paint.  This industrial coating system is the best option for use on water tanks, pipes and all other metal surfaces that need to endure mother natures harshest elements.  

Epoxy Primer & Urethane Paint Specification for Painting Light Poles

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