Are You Thinking About That Driveway Painting Project?

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Are You Thinking About That Driveway Painting Project?  iREPAINT has over 25 years in the painting industry and has painted hundreds of driveways.  Painting your driveway is a great way to enhance the curb appeal of your home or commercial building.  Not only can you change the color of your driveway, but you can add a dramatic effect with the faux look of brick, stone or pavers.

Painting a driveway may seem like a simple task but my years of experience have taught me that any flooring surface presents potential hazards of coating failure.  Depending on your geographical location you may have different environmental conditions to consider.  iREPAINT is Volusia County's finest painting contractor, located in central Florida.  The quantity of sunshine our driveway coatings must endure can lead to "hot tire pick up" where the tires will burn through certain types of paints and leave you with a coating failure. 

iREPAINT has developed a simple process for painting your driveway or garage floor.  

It is imperative that you determine wheather your concrete driveway has ever had a sealer applied to it.  If you have areas where water will bead up and not penetrate into the concrete, then you must apply muriatic acid to etch the exposed face of the concrete surface.  And if your driveway  has a previous coating on it you must determine what the existing coating is before you proceed.  A real word of caution here, you must make sure your new and old coating will be compatible, if not you will have a paint failure.

Hydroscrub Driveway with a Surface Cleaner

We always begin by cleaning the surface.  First we use a degreaser on any oil or grease stains. We will also apply a chlorine and tri-sodium phosphate (TSP) mixture to kill mold, mildew and algea.  Then we hydroscrub at 4,000psi.  This gives us a clean surface.    Once the surface is cleaned we fill cracks with a concrete patching compound.  

On the project pictured above we had white bands that needed to be taped off to give us straight edges.  We tested the existing surface after we cleaned it and determined which product would go best over top of the existing paint.  Our white bands got three full coats over the existing paint finish.  We used a Xylene based concrete stain.  This product has the benefit of holding up to hot tires once dry, but the drawback is that when you apply the Xylene Stain in direct sunlight you must do multiple coats with very thin layers. The heat tends to make this product bubble if applied to heavily.  So we always opt to do two or three light coats.

As you can see Driveway Painting can help you significantly improve your homes curb appeal for a fraction of the costs involved with bricks, pavers and stones. 

If you are looking for a professional to paint your driveway and you are located in Volusia County Florida,  then please call us at 386-416-8861.

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