Why Should You Use Alkyd Paint?

Paint consists of two main components.  One being the pigment which gives paint its color and the other being its binder, the vehicle used to give the dried paint form its layer of protection.

We commonly see water based paints or Alkyd Paints.  Most oil based house paints on the market today are made from an Alkyd resin as its binder.

Alkyd paints are primarily used for durability and for high gloss finishes. click here to learn more about paint gloss levels

Alkyd Paints give the applicator more flexibility because they typically take longer to dry.  This extended dry time gives the paint more time to level out and it will dry to a harder finish.  This harder finish sands to a powder versus a water based paint that can act rubbery when sanded.   For interior wood trim items nothing beats the glow and look of a high gloss alkyd paint finish.  

This type of paint finish requires skill, patience and practice to achieve a perfect finished product.

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Black Alkyd Semi-Gloss Paint on Doors

Another reason to use Oil Based paints is because what you are going to paint has already been painted with an oil based product.  

I know many paint manufacturers say that their paint has primer in it, or that it will bond to any painted surface.

 Whoa!  You can choose to listen to whoever you want but my two cents are as follows. ....


Latex Paint Flaking off of Alkyd Paint

Oil based primers still outperform all other primers when it comes to blocking out rust stains, nicotine stains, rusty metal and cedar bleed.  Each job is different so it is always best to perform test spots whenever you have a doubt.  

Daytona Beach Shores, Highly rusted metal surface to be painted with oil primer

Alkyd Paints are considered to be a potential hazard to babies and expectant mothers.  Oil paints are full of VOC's or Volatile Organic Compounds. Overexposure to VOC's is believed to cause nausea, headaches and aggravate breathing disorders.  Some painters choose to wear respirators but good ventilation in most cases is the only precaution needed to work safely.

Another drawback to using alkyd paints is that you have the additional expense of buying a solvent to clean up your tools.  Also some addittional cleaning might be required for novice painters.  Oil paints tend to leave roller splatter, or micro roller splatter.  Oil paints tend to form a tighter bond making cleanup extremely dificult.  So it is best to go overboard covering items you don't want to trash with roller splatter. 

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