Drywall Repair

Bad Drywall Repair

 iREPAINT.com is often called in when a drywall repair needs to be done correctly.  We have a proven process we use to ensure our drywall patches will appear seamless.  A bad drywall repair sticks out like a sore thumb, you can even see differences in texture and humps by just looking at the photo above. 

Cover up
Cut out

We first begin by draping plastic and covering up the fixture and floors.  Drywall Repair work is an extremely dusty process and extensive covering makes clean up much easier.  Once we have covered everything up we tear out the bad areas off drywall.  First, we open up an exploratory hole to see what types of damages have been concealed.  We carefully remove the rotten insulation and bleach the structure to make sure no living mold or mildew gets trapped inside the patched areas.  We also need to prep the hole with new wood blocking pieces.  These new wood studs are placed in to hold the new drywall firmly next to the existing ceiling.  Then we replace the insulation.  

Drywall Repair Infill

Drywall Piece Cut To size
Tape and Mud seams

A new piece of drywall is cut to size then we screw it into place.  Once the new piece of sheetrock has been secured, we tape and mud the seams.  It often helps to hold up a level to the patch and see where potential humps or dips in the new sheetrcock patch occur so it can be leveled with multiple coats of sheetrcok mud.  In order to achieve a patch that hides properly, I have always had best luck when applying a complete skim coat of mud to all continuous surfaces.  A wall patch can be limited to one wall but a ceiling patch may need to extend into mulitple rooms.  A skim coat of mud smooths out the surface before we install texture.

Skim Coat to Level Surface

Once our surfaces is leveled out it is time to install a texture.  In this case we use a knock down drywall texture.  Then we paint with a quality flat ceiling paint.  This process time and time again has given us the ability to complete repairs that are hard for the naked eye to find.  When you want the job done the right way give us a call for your free no obligation estimate.

Knock down texture
Fresh Paint
Can You See the Drywall Repair?

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