Window Glazing and Glass Repairs

Weathered Window with broken pane of glass in need of repairs

If you are in need of window glazing or window repairs iREPAINT can help!  Old double hung wood window systems need special attention when they have been neglected.  Window glazing is the putty used to hold the glass in place.  When you are missing glazing or if you have broken window panes the loss of heated and cooled air is a  monthly drain on your checking account.  Window glazing is a lost craft.  It takes experienced painters with skill, patience and a proven system to glaze windows professionally.  iREPAINT has substantial experience in repairing old double hung wood sash windows.  Our roots from New England (where wood sash double hung window systems are commonplace) and our 25 years of experience have helped to establish us as Volusia County's finest window glazers.  

Missing Window Glazing

We have perfected the system in repairing vintage windows in need of new window glass and glazing.  

The first step we take is to remove the decayed glazing by scraping and chiseling out the loose glazing.  This is also the best time to scrape the loose paint from the rest of the window sashes.  We will remove all glazing if you have a broken pane of glass.  

New pane of glass and glazing pin installed

Once the glazing is removed iREPAINT uses an oil based sealer to spot prime the bare wood areas that were concealed by the old glazing.   Many painters skip this step and sacrifice the longevity of your window glazing project.  The oil primer ensures a tight bond between the wood sash and glazing compound.  If you look closely at the center of the picture above you will also see an aluminum glazing pin.  iRepaint uses these pins when we replace the pane of glass to hold the glass firmly in place.  These addittional steps in the surface preparation make the difference between a professional finish and a failing finish.

Now iREPAINT is ready to install the new window glazing.  New glazing and replacing broken window panes will reduce heat and air conditioning costs and keep unwanted pests out of your home.  After your new window glazing is installed, iREPAINT will  prime these areas with an oil based primer.  

Finally the window is ready for finish painting.  If you have a window repair project and are looking to deal with a professional business give us a call to schedule your free estimate.

New window glazing installed can help you repair your old windows by replacing broken or missing glass, installing new glazing wherever its missing and replacing torn or missing window screens and frames.  Please call, text or email us to get your free estimate and written proposal.

Finished window repairs Daytona Beach Paint Job

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